[Darkwood-SCA] Needleworker's Guild activities at June Crown

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Wed Jun 22 14:59:57 PDT 2005

Greetings, one and all!  I would like to let you know about the
exciting plans the West Kingdom Needleworker's Guild has planned for
this Saturday at June Crown.  As we are hosting the Arts and Sciences
pavilion, we will have a display there of our member's work, as well as
all of the rose pouches we have made to be given to other kingdoms'
queens at this coming Pennsic.  These pouches will be presented to
Their Majesties, the rest of court, and the populace at large in
Saturday morning court, and will be on display in the A&S pavilion for
all of Saturday.

In the nearby guild pavilion, we will hold our next guild meeting at
1pm, where we will discuss guild business and have a show-and-tell of
everyone's work.  If you have any interest in period embroidery or the
guild itself, you are warmly invited to attend this meeting!  We will
have munchies available for you to partake in along with the chance to
admire and be inspired by the lovely work our members have in progress.

After the meeting, we will hold two classes in a row in the guild
pavilion.  The first at 2pm will be Mistress Isela di Bari's
"Anglo-Saxon/Viking Garb Embroidery", during which she will teach us
stem and outline stitches and couched work.  The second at 3pm will be
Mistress Hilary of Serendip's "Easy Embroidery for the Impatient
Anachronist", where she will cover design concepts for fast neck and
wrist trims that can be worked right onto a garment, plus three simple
stitches (chain, split, and French knot) that are needed for these
designs.  All are welcome to attend; please note that there will be a
small fee for the kits provided with the classes.

Period embroidery is a lovely, mind-boggling world of color and skill
that is delightful and inspiring to behold, and I look forward to
seeing fresh new faces and meeting more of  those who are interested in
the art.  Please feel free to cross-post this notice at will, and I
hope to see you soon!

Yours in service,
Aelia Apollonia, guild minister

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