[Darkwood-SCA] A Challenge from Caer Darth

Hendy Lund-Appleton naadhira at naadhira.net
Thu Jun 9 15:16:01 PDT 2005

Oyez! Oyez! Let it be known that the canton of Caer Darth has assembled a 
team of artisans to compete for the team prize at the Kingdom A&S Tourney 
in July.

The canton hereby issues a challenge to the other cantons of the Barony of 
Darkwood. We think our artisans are the best in the Barony, and we dare you 
to prove us wrong. To make things even more interesting, we propose the 
creation of a "treasure chest", to which each entering team will contribute 
goodies (could be A&S supplies, could be cookies). The winning team gets 
the chest.

You can read all the details on the Kingdom A&S site: 
http://westkingdom.org/arts-sciences/handbook_2005.html - click on "Team 

The short version - a team is two to four people collaborating to enter all 
8 competitions at the tourney. This year's competitions are:
Performing Art: Period Love Song
Performing Art: Any Period Form of Poem or Song - topic: Beauty
Fine Art: Illuminated Border
Fine Art: Heraldic Banner
Technical Science: Research paper on guilds in England
Technical Science: Horse Barding
Practical Science: Preserved Foods
Practical Science: Brewing a Period Ale

Throwing down an artistically-decorated, well-made gauntlet,

- Naadirah
on behalf of the Caer Darth A&S tourney team: Robert of Ravenshill, 
Cassandra Rossignol, Rose de le Mans, and Naadirah bint 'Ali

We hold no great secret except this:
We know that all endeavor is art
when rendered with conviction.
                 - Charles de Lint

naadhira at naadhira.net

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