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> Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 08:59:06 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: [sca-west] What were you *thinking*???
> I  *TOLD* you not to hang out with those
> Westermarkers, or their questionable friend that hang
> out in Darkwood- just the name brings shudders.. did
> you listen? No- you never listen!  What am I going to
> tell your father?- that you spent the week-end hitting
> people with sticks, and shooting pointy arrows in an
> attempt to put someone’s eye out?  Next thing you know
> you’ll be finding sites on the internet that you
> shouldn’t be looking at at your age. Like 
> http://www.thewestermark.org/events/dm-act.html
> I cannot believe you kids today! Going out all night,
> all week-end sometimes- like the week-end of July 9 &
> 10th. Staying up all night Saturday night- partying,
> playing drums- till 10pm even.  Dancing, wild music,
> the wild laughter at The Scone and Entrails Tavern, I
> even heard there was *GAMBLING!* at Vynnie's Casino. 
> The next thing you know you’ll be running with
> scissors, playing fizzball, participating in raffles
> for items of dubious origin and value. 
> Where did we go wrong? You never follow directions-
> like Take your best route to Highway 1 in Half Moon
> Bay. Just south of town where Main St. ends, you will
> see an intersection with a fire station on the east
> side of the road, go east on Higgins-Purisima Road
> toward the hills. The site entrance is approximately 3
> miles from Highway 1 - note that this road gets steep
> and twisty in spots. SCA signs will be posted starting
> near the Highway 1 intersection. PARKING IS LIMITED,
> Your father and I are SO disappointed in you, you are
> SOOO grounded!
> Mom
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