[Darkwood-SCA] 8 - 10th July - Westermark Madness and Darkwood Archery Tourney

Rob Appleton corinthian at corinthianarmries.com
Mon Jul 4 22:53:45 PDT 2005

July 8 - 10 , Half Moon Bay

This coming weekend, we will be holding the second Darkwood Archery Tourney
of the year.
After fattening ourselves up this last weekend on roast beast, and drinking
too much sugar, we need to bend the arm some more.... Good news, its

In the picturesque Half Moon Bay, we will be holding IKAC and Royal Rounds.
Archery will be held on the Saturday, with ranges open on Friday and Sunday
for practice.

Click the above link for the Westermark FUN!!!!

Robert of Ravenshill

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