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Mon Jan 31 11:27:37 PST 2005

Greetings all.  

I'm forward posting the latest information on Mistress Anastascia's
condition.  There is a website in these emails for people to check on
her condition.  Because all the information in these notices is and
will be on that website, I think I can stop forwarding these notes. 
Unless I'm requested to continue.  Exceptions will be letters or
notices that aren't on the website and other special requests (like
post the website again).  

In service,


Susan, Saturday:
Hello again, everyone...

Susan remains in stable but critical condition.  She
has shown some minor improvements since last night,
and many of the ICU staff have commented on her strong
fighting spirit.  Their feeling about her current
condition is more optimistic than it was, but her
recovery will likely still have many ups and downs.

As long as Susan remains in the ICU, visitors are being
restricted to immediate family members, so please have
patience until she is moved to a regular hospital room.

Susan has hundreds of people praying for her and I know
it is giving her strength during this critical time.

For those people who were recently added to the update
list, I have created a web log of all of the previous
list messages.  You can view it at:


I will continue updating the log with all future messages.

As always, thank you for all your love and support.  Please
continue to keep Susan in your thoughts and prayers.



To all of Susan's friends and family,

Susan's condition continues in stable but critical
condition at Stanford hospital.  The doctors remain
somewhat more optimistic than they had been early
on based on the improvements they have seen over
the last couple of days.  She still has a very
long path to travel for recovery, but the picture
generally looks somewhat hopeful.

I will continue to send updates daily even when
they're somewhat repetitive, because I know many
of you are extremely concerned and I want you to
stay informed about her condition.

Please keep sending her your loving thoughts and

Thank you so much for all your support,


If you are new to the updates and wish to see the
previous messages, they are all archived on the
web log at:


Susan is still in critical condition at Stanford, but
her condition is stable enough that the doctors are
hoping to be able to do surgery today to finish up
the abdominal work they were doing last week.  There
is currently no scheduled time for this surgery today.

Once this surgery is complete, Susan will need to
rest and strengthen for several days before she will
be strong enough for them to consider the orthopedic
surgery.  If she continues to improve as she has, it
could be as soon as a week.

Please continue sending your healing thoughts and
prayers to help Susan on the road to health.

The family thanks you for all your love and support,


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