[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Choir announcements

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 3 11:46:15 PST 2005

Hi, folks.  Hope you all had happy holidays.

1) There will be no Darkwood Choir practice this Tuesday (Jan. 4), since 
it seems a lot of us are frantically getting ready for 12th Night while 
still trying to recover from the holidays.  We will resume weekly 
practices on Tuesday, Jan. 11 (location to be announced).  

In the meantime, you can practice "O My Hart", "Pastime With Good 
Company", and "The Bell on the Hill" (a round).  Midi files for each 
voice part can be found in the "files" section of our Yahoo group site.

2) There are people who want to sing with the choir, but can't ever 
attend the regular Tuesday-night practices.  I think we can get them 
singing with us in spite of that.  Let's all be thinking about ways we 
might work this out, and bring our suggestions to 12th Night, choir 
practice, and talk-time during dance practice.  Some suggestions that 
have already been made involve a separate practice for the 
never-on-Tuesday people, who will then practice with some of the Tuesday 
people on some of the Thursdays when dance practice is not held.

3) While we are getting started as a choir, it may be a good idea to 
work on some duet pieces, i.e. pieces arranged for only two voice parts. 
 This would let us have more people singing each part, which I think 
would be a confidence-builder for those who are not comfortable carrying 
a part by themselves.  So if any of you know of Period pieces arranged 
for two voice parts, please let us know.

See you at dance practice and 12th Night.


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