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I knew I was asking the right people!!  I've gotten two offers.  I'll reply to them directly.

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  Hi all!

  In case you haven't heard I have gone back to school.  I'm taking both esthetics and massage.  I have a table on order but it won't be here for a while.  Does anyone have a table I could borrow for a couple of weeks?  The sooner I can get it the better!  I'll trade a massage for the use of the table.  You can choose either the student level (i.e. we haven't studied legs yet, would it be okay to do back and shoulders twice?) or the professional version (after I've finished the module and know the whole sequence.)  The module I'm in right now is Swedish massage.  Next up is Sports, then Deep Tissue, Chair/Corporate and finally Shiatsu.  Oh and I'll be certified in Hot Stone Therapy in about a month.

  Thanks for your time!!



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