[Darkwood-SCA] Reminder - Bard of the Oaks competition at Darkwood A&S

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 15 17:38:50 PDT 2005

Just a reminder:  the competition for the new Bard of the Oaks is just a 
over a month away.  Time to start getting ready!

The Bard of the Oaks -- the bard of the Barony of Darkwood -- is chosen
each year at the Darkwood Arts & Sciences Tourney (Sept. 23-25).  This is
a wonderful opportunity not only to display your bardic skills, but also 
to show
your love and support for the land and people of  Darkwood, and especially
for our beloved Baron and Baroness.  And that's just by competing -- it 
even better if you win!  The arts are blossoming as never before in 
and the Bard of the Oaks is in a unique position support and encourage this

Bard of the Oaks is a year-long position, and carries the following
1) To attend all major Darkwood events, or find someone to convey his or
   her words to the event.

2) To perform a composition at each of the following Darkwood events:  
   Baroness' Masked Ball, White Shield Tourney Feast, and Darkwood A&S.

3) To conduct the audition which determines his or her successor

This year's audition for Bard of the Oaks will be held at Darkwood A&S on
the evening of Saturday, September 24.  Many factors will be considered in
choosing the new Bard, but at the core of this decision will be a
competition with the following format:

1) Unless otherwise specified, any piece presented may be from any of
   the bardic arts, such as songs, poetry, stories, or instrumental music.

2) EACH PIECE will have a maximum performance time limit of 3 minutes.

3) Each contestant must present a separate piece in each of the following
   three categories:
   a) A Period piece, or a piece in a Period style. Light documentation is
      required for this category.  A Period piece is an existing work from
      1600 AD or earlier (English translations are acceptable in the case
      of stories or poems).  A piece in a Period style is a piece written
      after 1600 which follows a documentable musical or literary style
      from 1600 or earlier (greater consideration will be given if this is
      an original work by the contestant).
   b) A Master Work.  This is a piece which you feel highlights your
      particular skills as a performer, composer, or author.  It does not
      have to be a Period piece, or in a Period style, but it should not
      be something which feels jarringly non-Period.  This does not have
      to be an original work by the contestant.
   c) An original song, poem, or story to be composed on the day of the
      contest, on a theme to be announced at the time.

I hope many of you will audition for this post.  I am having a wonderful
time being Bard of the Oaks, and I think you would, too.  It's a great
opportunity to perform and grow as a bard in a very friendly environment.

John Rossignol
Bard of the Oaks

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