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Tue Apr 12 13:35:10 PDT 2005

From: "Mari" <konitessa at yahoo.com>
Subject: La Prova Dura-  Thanks

My friends,

Thank you so much to all of you who  helped make La Prova Dura/Amore a 
reality. Your participation from attending  to fighting to serving to 
having been served was priceless. The Shire of  Canale had a fabulous 
time bringing this to fruition. Despite the pleas of  those who think 
this should be every year or every two years- we will plan  the next for 
2008. Keep an eye on the Prova website for updates etc, and of  course- 
we'll post the important things here.

I would ask that each  of you who have pictures or video to please send 
a copy to Gemini and I so  that we might compile a DVD to commemorate 
the occasion of Prova I - we  would also like any poems, songs, written 
remembrances of the day etc so  that we might add them to the web site. 
Else hasn't quite recovered from  organizing and doesn't want to have 
withdrawals by going cold turkey. If you  know of others with pictures 
from the day, please have them send them  also-

Many thanks!

731 W Mariposa St
Newman, CA  95360


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