[Darkwood-SCA] St. David's Tourney Reminder/Update

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Mon Apr 4 23:35:57 PDT 2005

                UCSC, Porter College Field
                  Sunday, April 10, 2005
                        11am to 9pm

Come heavy fighters!  Come fencers!  Come boffer warriors!  ...Heck 
*everybody* who's not going to La Prova Dura should come on up to Porter 
College's Field at UCSC this Sunday.  Bring your weapons, food, feast & 
picnic gear, and even your dancing shoes to help us choose and celebrate 
St. David's new Champion.

*Championship Tourney:*  The College of St. David needs a new champion - 
an avatar to exemplify St. David'sness in both the SCA and mundane 
worlds; someone to issue colorful challenges of war on behalf of the 
college, lead us into battle, and escort the Seneschal during delivery 
of St. David's tax payments to the appropriate pointy hat(s).

The new champion will be chosen by rite of combat (heavy fighting, 
fencing, or even boffers - depending upon who shows up).  Lists open at 
11am.  Armor Inspection begins at noon.  Lists close 12:30pm.  Tourney 
will commence at 1pm.

Should it come to pass that insufficient numbers of compatible warrior 
types are in attendance, physical combat will be foregone in favor of 
competitions allowing candidates ample opportunity to demonstrate their 
possession of other talents likely to be needed by the Champion of St. 
David's College.

*Competitions:*  Either a "Shakespearean Insult" or "Silver-Tongued 
Devil" contest, then a "No Shite, There I was..." competition wherein 
the participants shall strive to produce the best tall tale detailing 
the "Martyred Slug incident".  There may also be a dancing contest 
and/or a "Pun 'Til You Die" competition.

*Auction:*  Please bring items to be included in a not-so-silent 
auction, the proceeds of which shall go towards funding future St. 
David's events.
Potluck Picnic on the Green:*  Begins either shortly after conclusion of 
combat, or 5pm - whichever comes first.  Please bring (by SCA first 
name):  A-H, Dessert; I-M, Salad; N-Z, Side Dish. Roasted chicken will 
be provided as a main dish, and water will be available to all, both 
during the competitions and the meal.

*Dancing:*  Dance Master Needed!!!  We have musicians, but no one to 
lead the dancing.  Please contact the autocrats if you can help.

*Other Entertainment:*  Aside from one or two musicians, we are woefully 
short of entertainers.  Therefore we ask of you musicians, vocalists, 
poets, storytellers, dancers, gosling jugglers, and anyone else who 
feels like pitching in to entertain the populace:  PLEASE come ready to 
do your thing.

*SITE INFO:*  No site or parking fee, but donations are welcome.  Event 
will begin on the green next to UC Santa Cruz's Porter College Hall, 
near the large metal sculpture that looks like a squiggle (aka "the 
flying IUD").  This is a dry site.  No chairs or tables as yet grace the 
green, so you may wish to bring your own.  Site opens at 11am and closes 
at 9pm.
AUTOCRATS:*   Henrico di Firenze (Ryan Reynard) P.O. Box 299 / Felton CA 
95018 / 831-359-8303 / enricodifirenze at sbcglobal.net  AND   Cassandra 
Rossignol  (Alena Giguette) 390 Deer Run Road / Felton CA 95018 / 
831-335-7725 / cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net.
DIRECTIONS:*  From Hwy 1, Hwy 9, Hwy 17, or Hwy 101 north/east/south of 
Santa Cruz - Follow your best route to Santa Cruz via northbound Hwy1. 
Turn Right on Mission Avenue.  Turn Right on Bay Drive ***  (Note:  This 
places you at UC Santa Cruz's main campus entrance, but that isn't the 
one you want.) Turn Left at High Street, which becomes Empire Grade. 
Turn Right at the UCSC West Entrance and follow the signs to Porter 
College.  From Hwy 1, west of Santa Cruz - Follow southbound Hwy 1 to 
Santa Cruz.  Turn Left on Bay Drive and follow from *** above.

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