[Darkwood-SCA] Boffer War Cancelled (Schtik)

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Mon Apr 4 10:05:16 PDT 2005

To the Populace:

After committing foul atrocities upon the Martyred Slug mascot of St. 
David's College, the people of St. Katherine's College did sneer 
mightily and declare that the two colleges should rally armies from 
amongst their allies and meet in honorable boffer combat.

The date for this conflict was to be next Saturday, April the 9th. 
However, it would appear that St. Katherine's courage has failed them, 
for they have abandoned the field and now cower in hiding places 
unknown.  Therefore, the boffer war has been cancelled due to lack of 

On behalf of St. David's College, I apologize to our allies for the 
sudden dissolution of a chance to fight for honor and aid us in our 
quest to avenge our poor martyred mascot.

Yours in Service,
  - Cassandra Rossignol
    (For Henrico di Firenze, who is currently without email)

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