[Darkwood-SCA] query for the chronicler

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Sat Oct 2 13:35:14 PDT 2004

Your Excellency, the Chronicler of Darkwood is Caterina di Guglielmo,
catherine @ redshift dot com

It is very probable that she is currently attending the S.C.U.M Wars 
event at Fort Ord, where I also would be if I could.

Yours In Service,
John Rossignol
Bard of the Oaks

Michelle Chapman-Thurber wrote:

> Due to my having let my Drum subscription lapse during my pregnancy, I 
> am unsure who the current Darkwood Chronicler is.
> If the Chronicler is on this list, please would you email me?  I have 
> a question for you.
> If the Chronicler is not on this list, will someone please tell me who 
> it is, and how to contact them?
> Thanks very much!  =)
> Quentyn
> Lady of the Mists
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