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>>Subject: Medieval Clothing & Textiles Journal: Ordering update
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>>Many of you will remember me posting last year to announce a new academic 
>>journal, _Medieval Clothing & Textiles_. The publisher is Boydell & 
>>Brewer; the editors are Gale Owen-Crocker and myself. At that time, I 
>>promised I would update you when I had solid information on publication 
>>date and ways to order.
>>Boydell now has the journal up on its website, for pre-order. It's 
>>scheduled for April 2005; we'll be celebrating its launch at Kalamazoo in 
>>May. You'll find the page here:
>>Some of you will remember that there was a question about the format and 
>>cost of the journal. We're well aware that many of our readers will be 
>>serious re-enactors who want to keep up with scholarly research, but 
>>whose budgets are quite different from that of an academic library or 
>>professional scholar. Boydell normally publishes its journals in a 
>>high-quality hardback, priced around $75 US (45 GBP). We argued 
>>strenuously for Boydell to consider publishing our journal in a cheaper 
>>paperback edition, to make it more accessible to purchasers outside academe.
>>It appears we ended up with the best of both worlds. The journal will be 
>>published in hardback -- but at the far more reasonable price of $39.95 
>>USD (25.00 GBP). This is far better than I expected, and I hope that 
>>falls within the purchase threshold for at least some of you! (I 
>>campaigned for a lower price largely on the promise that it would 
>>increase sales among independent researchers, so I hope I won't be proven 
>>As I've written earlier, it's a scholarly journal touching on a wide 
>>range of fields (literature, art, economics, archaeology, etc.), so we 
>>don't expect it to appeal to all medieval costumers, and not everyone 
>>will find their own interest areas covered in every volume. But we're 
>>aiming for a large spread in time/place representation in each one, so 
>>with luck there will be something for most readers who are interested in 
>>scholarly research. (We're also aiming to include at least one paper 
>>based on experimental reconstruction in each volume.)
>>The first volume includes the following papers:
>>-- an overview (complete, we hope) of all known examples of European 
>>embroidery before 1100 (Elizabeth Coatsworth)
>>-- a literary analysis of textile imagery in Anglo-Saxon riddles and 
>>poetry (Maren Clegg-Hyer)
>>-- a study of an illumination showing royal dress in an Anglo-Saxon 
>>manuscript (Gale R. Owen-Crocker)
>>-- a look at clothing color references in Icelandic sagas (Sandra Ballif 
>>-- an account of a particular technological change in the construction of 
>>medieval fulling mills (John Muendel)
>>-- two different papers on regulations on clerical dress, 13th-14th c. 
>>(one by Susan M. Carroll-Clark and another by Thomas M. Izbicki)
>>-- a comparison of theories about tippet construction and attachment in 
>>14th century Western Europe (Robin Netherton)
>>-- a summary of dress and textile references in a group of late medieval 
>>English wills (Kristen M. Burkholder)
>>-- a theory and experimental reconstruction of a method of weaving 15th 
>>century ruffled-edge veils (Carla Tilghman).
>>And some book reviews, too.
>>The plans right now are for a print run of 1,000. That's good for a 
>>specialty journal, and is meant to cover all the libraries and individual 
>>specialists who will want copies. I would guess that if there's a huge 
>>demand in pre-orders, Boydell would increase the print run to cover it, 
>>but I'm not planning on that. So, when it's gone, it's gone -- I wouldn't 
>>plan on buying a copy of Vol. 1 a year or two down the road.
>>Feel free to direct any questions to me.
>>--Robin Netherton
>>Co-Editor, Medieval Clothing & Textiles
>>robin at nightowl.net
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