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    Just a reminder from the wacky autocrat (no, not me!):

    Caer Darth is having our yearly feast, and BBQ this weekend.

    Games ? Fun ? Friends ? Frolics

    What else could you want?

    Throw in a nicely shaded area, under the oak trees in Ben Lomond, next
to a
    cool creek, with Kids Playground, etc. etc.

    Oh? and a BBQ including all the meats you can drool over.

    Check out the website or get back to me for more information.


    Hope to see you all there?.. supporting your wacky friends in Santa Cruz

    If you haven't been to this event in a while, it is a real blast. Very
relaxed and a bit PG-13.

  Two things cause trouble:
  the tongue is the bane of the head,
  a man's fur coat hides his hands. - Hávamál
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