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Lindsey Frank bellydancingpenpals at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 21 18:09:25 PDT 2004

Hello everyone!

My Name is Amira and as some of you have heard from Seamus I am starting a Pen Pal service for our deployed troupes. It is called Belly Dancing Pen Pals! I am very excited to see how many people are actually interested. Over the weekend I went out on got a PO Box for this little project that I have started. 

Belly Dancing Pen Pals!

PO Box 234

Citrus Heights, Ca 95621

So far Seamus has been able to obtain nine addresses of soldiers that have been deployed. I also hear there are a few of you trying to find more! I am so happy to hear this is getting out. 

I have also made a E-mail address for this as well.

BellyDancingPenPals at yahoo.com

I don’t know who all I am sending this to since I am going by what Seamus sent me, but thank you all for you support. Please feel free to E-mail me with questions or comments and I will get back you as soon as I can. 

If you are interested in helping or have some addresses for me please pass me an E-mail. This is also going to be coming out of my pocket so if anyone is interested in helping out donations of stamps would be really appreciated. It take .80 sense stamps to mail each letter. I know it does not sound like much but it adds up. When its almost a dollar per letter. 

Once again thank you for your support!!


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