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Christophe d'Avignon christophe at games.sca.org
Fri Jun 18 08:50:18 PDT 2004

I'm guessing you've already tried the Corralitos and Prunedale Granges?

Just remembering feasts from recent years,

Hendy Lund said:
> Once again, I'm asking the populace for assistance in finding a site for
>  the Masked Ball.
> Why not Machado School again? Because we would like to do the following:
> - have a full feast instead of a potluck, so we need a kitchen
> - have a tourney, so we need some outdoor space in which to fight
> Why not the Posse Grounds, since it's so great for White Shield? It's a
> VERY expensive site, and traditional attendance at the Masked Ball
> doesn't  support it.
> The date for the event is October 23. I've looked at several locations
> in  Santa Cruz County, but they're either booked (and regret it - we
> have a  great reputation!), or unsuitable. I have pending calls to
> Corralitos  Community Center and the Aromas Grange Hall.
> I would love to have a site central to Darkwood so no one has to drive
> too  far... but since I live in the northern reaches of the barony, I'm
> just not  familiar with sites out of my backyard.
> Churches... meeting halls for service organizations (Masons, Elks,
> etc.)...  if you know of a location in your backyard that would be
> suitable, please  send me the name (and a phone number if you can get it
> easily). I'm not  able to cruise the entire Barony in person, so I'm
> relying on our  populace's eyes and ears to find us the perfect spot to
> - Naadirah
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