[Darkwood-SCA] Caer Darth A&S - Body Doubles

Hendy Lund naadhira at naadhira.net
Thu Jan 8 07:51:13 PST 2004

On Jan. 21 I will be teaching a class on making "body doubles" out of duct 
tape and/or paper tape. The class will start at 7:00 p.m. at Frank & 
Sabrina's house in Santa Cruz (e-mail me for directions if you don't know 
how to get there).

Body doubles are useful when making fitted or semi-fitted garb for 
yourself. Instead of becoming a contortionist, or recruiting a a 
spouse/significant other/friend who doesn't know one end of a pin from the 
other, you can place your garb-in-progress on the double to make 
adjustments to fit.

If you would like to actually be wrapped in tape and go home with a double, 
bring a t-shirt that covers your hips, and either duct tape or paper tape 
(the kind that must be moistened with water). Duct tape is easier to find, 
but harder to pin, and you'll need to stuff it afterwards. Paper tape gives 
you a papier mache type shell... but finding the tape isn't easy (check 
office supply stores). The t-shirt will be sacrificed, so don't bring one 
you want to see again.

You should also wear the undergarments you intend to wear under your garb.

Side note - if you want a body double to build a "gothic fitted gown" aka 
cotehardie aka kirtle that is self-supporting, just speak up in the class 
and we'll show you how to adjust the taping to get the right silhouette.

Side note 2 - if you've done this before, I'd *love* to have additional 
hands to help wrap tape...

Hope to see you there!

- Naadirah bint 'Ali
fka Ysenda nicAlane
mka Hendy Lund

We hold no great secret except this:
We know that all endeavor is art
when rendered with conviction.
                 - Charles deLint

Naadirah bint 'Ali
Canton of Caer Darth
naadhira at naadhira.net 

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