[Darkwood-SCA] New Darkwood Choir Yahoo group and mailing list

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Wed Dec 8 21:31:39 PST 2004

This is an official message from YOUR BARD.  :-)

I wish to announce the formation of a Yahoo group and mailing list for
our new Darkwood Choir.

You do NOT have to be in the choir to join this group, or to benefit
from it (see the NOTE below).

Besides being a forum for choir announcements, plans, musical
discussions, and general goings-on, the group will also act as a
repository and point of dissemination for the choir's musical files.
For each work in our repertoire I will include: a printable musical
score, playable Midi files of all vocal parts, and Noteworthy Composer

I will continue to announce our choir practice sessions on the Darkwood
mailing list.  However, to access the musical files you will need to
join our new Yahoo group.

In an effort to escape spam, the new group is members-only, and
membership is by invitation or approval only.  If you wish to join the
Darkwood Choir group and have not already received an invitation, please
contact me off-list at

       giguette  AT  pacbell  DOT  net

and tell me you would like to join.  Then I can send you an invitation.
If you have already contacted me about the choir, and I somehow missed
sending you an invitation, please accept my apologies and remind me
right away.

If you are aware of any of our Darkwood family who do not monitor either
this list or sca-west, please make this announcement known to them.

* * * NOTE:  I know that many of you out there either can't, or don't
want to, actually join the choir, but still enjoy singing, especially
around our campfires and such.  THIS NEW YAHOO GROUP IS FOR YOU, TOO.  I
will also, as time and space permit, be storing music files for some of
our popular campfire songs, including rounds, and I will be open to
suggestions from the populace.  I will give priority to Period music and
works by Darkwood composers.  (Be aware, though, that without the clear
consent of the author I will not store or post any work unless it either
is in the public domain or has been released by its author for general
SCA use.)

Yours In Service,
John Rossignol  (greatly enjoying being Bard of the Oaks)

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