[Darkwood-SCA] Coronet Thanks

kat at mbay.net kat at mbay.net
Mon Sep 29 18:51:50 PDT 2003

Good Gentles,

     I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for coming out to 
Mists Fall Coronet.  I especially wanted to mention those people who worked so 
hard to make it a success.

     First, of course, to my co-autocrat, Nathair coan MacTir, who was a joy 
to work with on this project.  

     Thanks also to the good folks of Darkwood who pitched in and helped--
especially Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye, who made the wonderful barley 
soups for the Hospitality Pavilion; Hraefn fram Lindune and Caterina di 
Guglielmo, who hosted the hospitality pavilion and did lots of other things; 
Anne of Montaigne du Roi, who fed me; and Etain inghean Ruadh-Saighdear and 
Na'Arah bat Avraham, who kept me sane.  Morwen the Red and Cynthia de 
Greenfield deserve special thanks as well, as do Viscountess Katira and Duke 

     My thanks also to the Mists officers for their hard work, and to Their 
Highnesses for being such a joy and pleasure to work with.

     As we always say in Darkwood, no event happens by the work of one person 
alone; usually half the audience in Court did something to make the event 
happen.  So I would also like to thank those dozens of volunteers whose names 
are too numerous to mention here.

     Finally, congratulations to Geoffrey and Katherine, our new Lord and Lady 
of the Mists.  I'm looking forward to a very energized reign.  :)

     In service,

          - kat (Caitlin O'Byrne)
            Holy Relic of Allyshia

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