[Darkwood-SCA] Saint David's OPERS Fair volunteers

Liz Kerridge wavehaven at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 19 18:16:56 PDT 2003

Hey everyone-

Finally have some news!  We're all set for next Tuesday September 23rd 3-6 
pm. I will post directions to the UCSC location later.

Fighters-  Yes you will be able to fight!!! The guy in charge couldn't have 
been happier!  But we will need marshalling staffs and card carrying 
marshals.  Please bring your authorization cards if possible.  I just want 
avoid any "thing" with these people (you know how it can be).

A&S- We'll need a table or two smaller tables...they did not have many to 
lend to groups and unfortunately we're not one of the lucky groups.

Shade- We can have one of those EZ-Up things but no pavilions because there 
will not be enough room to set one up.  Let me know if you can bring one.

Waterbearing- if next week is anything like *this* week, we'll need to keep 
hydrated!  If anyone can bring stuff to help with that, it will be great.  
We'll try to provide snacks.

Remember, the more people the better!  Best garb possible!  Lots of stuff 
from A&S!

Thanks again to all who can help, and to those who can't, thanks for 
supporting us in spirit!

In service,
Lady Disa Thjothreksdottir
College of St. David's Seneschal and Webmistress

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