[Darkwood-SCA] New email address

Todd Grant todd3668 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 7 15:20:00 PDT 2003

Yes, I've finally entered the age of broad-band. My email address,
chewie at mbay.net, is going away. Since I pay quarterly, I've still got about
a month left on the account and I'm using that overlap to close out and
transfer everything I've got going to that address. The bonus here is that
nobody commercial yet has the new address todd3668 at sbcyahoo dot net, so
I'm not getting the 100-150 spams a day! <loud cheers!!!>

Anywho, if you even care <joke!!!>, update your address books. The new
address, as I said, is todd3668 at sbcyahoo dot net. My work address is
grantt at co dot monterey dot ca dot us and you can get me there as well.

Todd/Christophe/Chewie, or whatever name you know me by...

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