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Todd Grant todd3668 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 17 09:28:47 PDT 2003

And the Westermark had quite the presentation of taxes
at October Crown as the Dance Macabre. Death led in
the Baron and Baroness who shambled in with their dead
faces. I might have even heard an occasional call of
"Braaaaaiiins". :-)

We are Darkwood. We shan't be outdone!!!


--- hraefn <hraefn at redshift.com> wrote:
> Dear Darkwood,
>  Some quick notes:
>  Next Darkwood Officer's Meeting is Monday Oct.20th,
> 7PM at the Yacht Club.  I expect to see more yacht
> members, because of football season.
>  It is a potluck; I will post more about this
> tonight.
> Baroness' Masked Ball, moved to October 25, 2003
> War of Southern Aggression is November 22nd.
> White Shield Tourney and Feast February 28, 2004.
> Winter Archery Tourney & Hawks feast, January 24th,
> 2004.
>  June Crown of 2004 is sponsored by Darkwood.  I
> believe we are paying taxes at this event.  Think up
> themes for the taxes.  Some thoughts have included:
> The Spanish Inquisition, no one expects this. 
> Viking, pay with your neighbors sheep.
> See you Monday,
> Hræfn>
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