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Subject: The DO NOT CALL list...Please read!

This is to all of you that signed up for the "do not call" law. This week I received a card in the mail that looked all right-- It said "vote for your favorite cola - Pepsi or Coke- and receive a complementary 12 pack" It didn't look suspicious--but for some reason I kept looking at it.  THEN I FOUND IT!!  At the bottom of the card there is a VERY small statement. It is SO small it is hard to read--but here is what it says----

"By completing this form, you agree that sponsors and cosponsors of this offer may telephone you, even if your number is found on a do not call registry or list " This REALLY upset me and I just wanted all my friends to be aware of this way to get around the "do not call" law !! Just think how many people will send this in and their do not call registry will be NO GOOD !!

The company's name is MARKET SOLUTION. Please send this to all your friends that signed up for "do not call" I think this is just one of what we will get in the future--so READ EVERYTHING before you SIGN AND SEND !!

In addition, this mornings "Columbus Dispatch" had an article about a Missouri sweepstakes company that is offering a shot a such things as a car, a trip, or $25,000 in return for your phone numbers and home and e-mail addresses.  If entrants read the contest's rules, they'd learn this: "By completing this form, you agree that sponsors and co-sponsors of this sweepstakes may telephone you, even if your number is found on a Do-Not-Call Registry or list.  

Under another loophole to the law exempts those who have a "business relationship" with you.  So many companies are trying to get you to respond to them.  If you have done business with them by phone, Internet, or in person within the last 18 months, or if you have inquired about their products within the last three months, they can call you.

As it says above, READ EVERYTHING before you sign and send.

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