[brucemem] Last minute program

Laurie Becker laurel at beckerhead.com
Thu Jan 31 17:05:01 PST 2008

Jenny, Chey, and Annie,
I'm putting the last minute touches on the program. (Thanks again  
Lynn, for coordinating the edits). Lynn suggested we might want to  
include the bands. I kind of like the idea in that it documents the  
event (for all those scrapbook-lovin' friends and family). However,  
in an earlier email Jenny didn't think it was necessary to add them  
at the time. So, as a last-minute check-in, would you like to see  
them there or not? Are the bands really confirmed?

If yes, here's what I have so far. Should there be a specific order  
of bands?

		John Turk
		Dorothy Morrison
		Evan Hunt
		Patricia Rain
		Susan Williams
		Doug Michels
		Annie van Brunt
		Jenny Roth & Cheyenne Young
		Deth Specula
		Road Hogs
		It’s A Beautiful Day
		…friends joining in

Next, I'm not sure the group distinctions of Musicians, Contributors,  
and Bands fit the "bill". Are there more appropriate distinctions to  
use or is it all good?

Meanwhile, I'm hanging to finish this up. My intention is to email  
the print-ready .pdf off to someone who can get it to Kinkos...


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