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Hi Lynn,

The Kinko's downtown Santa Cruz is pretty good. There's a gal there named Michelle Hughes who is particularly helpful. I had some pretty large posters printed there for work and had them mounted on foam core. They looked pretty good and foam core might be easier than trying to find frames unless someone is planning on keeping the posters. Also, make sure to confirm that they can have them done by Sat. a.m.

Don't think there's any faster/better way to do this. Thanks for handling.


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> Hi, 
> I called Kinkos and we can email the jpegs tomorrow and they would have 
> a proof ready on Friday and posters on Saturday AM. They can't frame 
> them by then but here are probably stores with pop in poster size frames 
> we could find. It is about $48 a piece for the posters. Unless anyone 
> comes up with a better/quicker idea, I will do this. 
> Lynn 
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> > Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 3:31 PM 
> > Looks like there has been a problem with getting the posters 
> > printed in 
> > chicago and we are going to be better off printing them 
> > locally then 
> > rushing them from chicago. Is kinko's the best bet or 
> > does anyone know 
> > another option. Anyone willing to help with the logistics 
> > of this. we 
> > were going to do 4 large poster sized blowups of photos. 
> > 
> > 
> > doug 
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