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Jenny Roth jennyroth at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 07:57:39 PST 2008

Dear Doug,

Consider me relaxed. Sorry for any confusion regarding our previous
agreement. Thank you for the Bruce story. thanks to  everyone for being
quite incredible. You are all extraordinary in a way Bruce could truly
appreciate. See you all tonight.

Love, Jenny

On Jan 31, 2008 5:34 AM, Doug Michels <doug at michels.com> wrote:

>  Hey Jen,
> Please relax on the money side.  The team is doing a great job on
> controlling costs and I really don't see any excess.  The grove has a
> minimum charge for food in order to use the venue and we aren't spending any
> more then we have to.  Getting them to allow the chicken and cake was a huge
> break on the cost and will allow us to have enough food without spending any
> more then the minimum.  We have 200 RSVP's and I expect a lot more may just
> show up.  We want to have enough to eat.  I expect you will see a lot of
> donations come in right before and after the event but as I said whatever
> the fund doesn't cover I will.  You and Chey are not going to have a
> problem.   Please focus your energy on the memorial and making it a great
> event.
> Its pretty funny, I can't tell you how many times I argued with Bruce to
> try and get him to cut costs on a trade show or event that I thought was
> excessive.  He told me over and over that if you are going to be bear be a
> Grizzly (did we get that saying on the list?) and he was usually right.
> Though we did get pretty creative and out of the box on ways to save money
> (like bringing in fried chicken) we never skimped and it always worked.
> I gotta say that this is one of the best event teams I have ever worked
> with!  I have been to $200,000 events that weren't nearly as classy or as
> hip as this one is going to be.
> That said I wonder if we should invite the sentinel and the good times.
> Bruce would not want to miss an opportunity for free press.
> Doug
> Jenny Roth wrote:
> Hey All,
> First, we want to thank everyone for their hard work and time. We are so
> appreciative of all that has been done.
> We are feeling a little(very) anxious about the cost of this memorial.
> Some money has come in, but not enough to cover all that is happening.
>   We loved Bruce very much and want a classy "good-bye", but we also need
> to be able to enjoy it with out excessive worry. We have been so busy with
> cleaning out Bruce's house that we didn't pay that much attention to the
> memorial, cost wise. Now that the house is done, we are very concerned about
> the cost of this event.  Being inexperienced at large venues and we are
> hoping it is not too late to make some cost cuts.
> We have some ideas, please let us know if it is too late to do them, or if
> you have a solution that makes more sense. Thank you so much.
> 1. Can we cancel the cake? It doesn't make sense to me to pay for cakes
> and cutting charge if they are not replacing some other food cost. I believe
> this will cut about 200.00 dollars out.
> 2. Can we pass on the posters, or only make one? I remember us talking
> about making one, four is going to cost alot more, esp. w/out a "friend"
> producing them for us. I like the idea of one(that great smiling shot of
> Bruce w/hat-no jacket).  Chey and I brought Bruce's artwork back from the
> city, so, we have many pictures, etc.
> 3 Is it too late to change the Coconut grove menu? I like the idea of
> mixing one or two Grove dishes with the brought in chicken. I would prefer
> to scrap the appetizers altogether. People can feast/snack on chicken and
> veggies.
> 4 Do we have a final(ish) headcount? If so, can we drop production down to
> 250? It isn't much but it makes a difference on my end.
> We am sorry if this hurts anyones feelings, or is in any way offensive. We
> are touched by all that has been done.
> See you tonight,
> Jenny and Cheyenne
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