[brucemem] Program progress

Laurie Becker laurel at beckerhead.com
Wed Jan 30 17:01:48 PST 2008

Hi all,
Finally got time this afternoon to resume the program. Copy looks  
great. I have a couple of photos to scan in that Jenny gave me and  
some tweaking. It would help me if someone could come up with the  
captions for the following images. There's probably a story there and  
they can be humorous and perhaps have a year. Keep 'em brief.  :^>

Bruce on Bay Bridge
In studio waiting to play (with who? when?)
Lil wolf cartoon
Flying Toasters (sans Jefferson art)

I'll send something out this evening. Please check it out and forward  

I can get the art to the printer (email), but it may be worthwhile  
for someone to actually go to Kinkos and have them run a test print  
to make sure the paper and quality is as expected (they may be able  
to change printers, paper, etc to get the desired result). I was  
planning to do this myself but it turns out I'll be in meetings all  
day tomorrow. 

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