[brucemem] Update on Sun Room rental details...

Brigid Fuller brigidfuller at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 10:31:46 PST 2008

Here's the latest update from the Cocoanut Grove staff
regarding Sun Room rental on 2/2.  


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use my Yahoo account... 

As mentioned, hors d¹oeuvres can be those from the
list I gave you.  If there are others of interest  I
can ask chef.  You should order larger quantities of
fewer items to prevent people from trying to make a
meal of them.  I would
> say 150 pieces min. per item ordered.  That way we
can replenish over
> course of 1-2 hours. (By the way, hors d¹oeuvres
will probably all
> disappear
> within an hour & 1/2 after event start.  Leaves a
long time without
 food for
> later arrivals) They should budget in a coffee
service or punch bowl.
> Either one is at $26++ per gallon.
> We will only be able to have one bartender &
virtually no wait staff
 due to
> the event next door which we are stretching to staff
as it is.  The
> podium, mic are no problem.  Musicians must provide
all own sound.
  We can
> set up a combination of tables-cocktail size & a few
larger should
> Stacks of extra chairs available.  Some 6 ft tables
against wall to
> pictures.  No portable walls available.  All of our
easels are used
> door.  Probable no screen-that may change if the
Ballroom does not
 need our
> 8 x 8.  
> $750 rental
> $1,500++ MINIMUM in Hd¹s (won¹t get you a whole lot
if you are
> 300!)
> $208++    8gal. host beverages estimate only
> $324.52   19% service
> $172.76   8.5% tax
> $2,955.28  estimate only

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