[brucemem] thursday meeting

Doug Michels doug at michels.com
Wed Jan 16 22:57:17 PST 2008

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow in 
person.   I just found out I need to fly to Orlando tomorrow.  If the 
travel gods are with me I will land in time to call in for the meeting.  
Not sure what number to call but you can call me on the cell phone or 
send me the number to call via my cell phone voice mail or text 
message.  831-818-8200. 

brigid and I had a great meeting with the grove folks and she can 
provide an update but I think we are in good shape on food as long as 
you like fried chicken and cake.

Catbird has a nice portable booth in scotts valley and we are welcome to 
use it for display.  I don't have exact dimensions but is a standard 
fold up curved booth with a black velcro surface that you can attach 
stuff to with velcro.  You can get the brand and size from tamar at 
catbird.com or stop by the office in scotts valley.   The boardwalk has 
a similar unit that we can also use.  i am betting that we can find the 
same sort of things a some other companies as well.   I bet Mike Foster 
has one of these.

Ron lachman is an investor in a large format poster printing company 
buildaposter.com and offered to get some posters printed for us if we 
can get him the graphics files quickly.  They will need to be shipped 
from chicago so time is of the essence.

thats about all I have for the moment.  sounds like there is good 
progress on all fronts.


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