[brucemem] Memorial Program

Laurie Becker laurel at beckerhead.com
Mon Jan 14 15:40:00 PST 2008

Greetings fellow Brucemems,

A typical memorial program may contain:

Name, dates of life
Program of Service
Location of Service
Inspirational Quotes or Sayings

But, at Forest Laurel Design: Memorial Services Division* you can  
have it any way you want it! I can go anywhere from Typical (yawn) to  
Cutting Edge (whoa, I've never seen one quite like that!).

So, how do the people nearest and dearest to Bruce see this piece?  
Traditional, arty, elegant, fun, classic, FUNKY? Is it something to  
keep, frame, or otherwise save?
And, what would you like the content to be? (If this is all too much,  
I can always wing design and content—just note I would probably lean  
toward the arty and fun for Bruce). And lastly, how much do you want  
to spend (I've ball-parked some prices below)?

Other possible content:
Photo(s), collage
Bruceisms (sayings)
Message or tribute from family or friends
Song lyrics
Claims to fame (obituary. I really don't like that word. Can we use  
something else?)
Flying Toasters (I'm pushing for this one)
Other works of Bruces' art

Format ideas (approximately priced in quantities of 250):
8.5" x 11", folded in half - color, color one side, b&w one side -  
$160; All B&W - $40. Kinkos.
5 x 8" postcard, color one side, b&w one side - $110. PSPrint online.
Greeting Card Style, 10 x 7" (folds to 5 x 7") color outside, B&W  
inside, scored but not folded - $160. PSPrint online.
(If anyone has a vendor they would like me to check with, let me  
know. I just started here to get a feel).

Meanwhile, please send me any images and possible inclusions to get  
me started. I'll need that Highway font too, if that's important. I  
may need the image with the highway sign on it too for it all to make  
sense. Flying toasters, anyone? Is one (or more) of the famous  
"Closed" pictures funny or morbid?

Thanks, Laurie
cell 252-2225

* I kid you not. Not many folk know about this facet of my business  
(I just remembered it myself). I was contracted by Hildebrand  
Industries (one time largest casket maker in the US) to paint  
pictures of people (and pets) who passed and to teach other people to  
do the same in their company using a software application called,  

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