[brucemem] Bruce's after event??

Lynn Schroeder lynnsc95060 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 08:11:12 PST 2008

Punchbowl.com allows for the set up of an email to go out to everyone
we invited (or just the yes's) with a message and then it uses flikr
and YouTube for picture and video posting.  Do we want to do this?

I looked at tribbit.com and it seems much better for the media portion.
We could send a thank you email out from punchbowl (where the list is)
and point them to Tribbit to post any comments, photos, videos.  If
we do this, I think it would have to involve Evan again to upload his
slideshow and any music that might have been recorded. (or the
Unabridged CD).  I have just a couple photos I took of the LaFlammes
and a few 'minglers'.  We could also link to the blogs that
already exist.

My question is, do we want to keep this going?  I am not techie enough
to take command of this.  I am sure there are people who did not come
that would love to see photos.  There are others that are probably
tired of getting more emails.

What are your thoughts?  I would be glad to send out the last 'thanks
for coming' email but not sure I am up to doing the Tribbit thing.
Any thoughts from the family?


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