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Jim Mehl mehl at ihot.com
Mon Mar 18 17:25:26 PDT 2013

I've given up growing chiles in the mountains. The deer are bigger
chile heads than I am. But I still get a small seed packet from the
Chile Pepper Institute at NMSU each year. If you want them send
me a mailing address. This year I got Hontaka. Last year I got
NuMex Easter

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From: Jon Shemitz 

Jim Mehl wrote:

> Cool. Are you still in Santa Cruz and what are you growing?

Yes, still in Santa Cruz. The greenhouse will have to be replaced one
of these days, but may last until my younger son graduates college in

The mix has gone more towards the long, thick-walled "corno de toro"
and Nu Mex, but I grow everything from sweet fryers to habaneros and


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