[Bach] a hot sauce

Jon Shemitz jon at midnightbeach.com
Mon Jan 18 19:41:34 PST 2010

Bill Gosper wrote:

> Wow, you must grow the savinas indoors.  I've been four years w/o a 
> fresh one, and will drive anywhere in the Bay Area if you'll sell
> me a handful to take to the owners of Tastebuds Indian Restaurant, 
> (who have a hothouse in Hanford).

I still have a habanero in my greenhouse that puts out more chiles
than I can possibly consume. Short of hot sauce, the summer ripening
ones are just too much for me to cook with, though the winter ripening
ones are more manageable. I take them to work, along with the extra
Bulgarian Carrots, purple pequins, and the odd serrano, and put them
out by the espresso machine - they disappear pretty quickly.

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