[Bach] First & Only Notice: 10th Annual NorCal/SF Bay Area Group Buy: Red Savina™ Habaneros

Art Pierce pierces at cruzio.com
Fri Sep 30 12:49:34 PDT 2005

Hi All,

After meeting varying amounts of forgetting or, perhaps, partial 
cooperation - I started on this in July - I just called Juan Cisneros at 
Better Produce and they have 600-800 lbs. of  #1, hard, red savinas in 
their fields at Maricopa, CA.

For starts, I'm going with my own money for 300 lbs. at $2/lb. in 5 lb. 
boxes; mailing Juan a $600 money order this afternoon. If we need more, 
you people will have to act fast - see hotshop url below to order & pay.

The cost to you will be $3/lb., $15/5 lb. box; the extra dollar above 
our purchase price goes to Grey Bears, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. (Regular 
orange habaneros are selling for $8.99/lb. at our local Albertson's 

Thru his hotshop website below, Allen Lee Pierce will handle the 
arrangements: taking your orders and paying.

Also, he will arrange for pickup at the Santa Maria cooler and delivery 
to the GB cooler.

I am moving to Oroville in early July, 2006 and my son & Scott Ashkenaz 
will be handling our annual buy after that.

(Since chile-heads newsletter/digest doesn't support html, I've put in 
some spaces that you'll have to eliminate to get the 2 URLs below to work.)

http :// www. allenlee. com/ hotshop/ <<<<<Order & pay here

http :// tinyurl. com/a5w9m <<<<<Pick up Red Savina Habaneros here at 
Grey Bears cooler

If you're not in the Bay Area & are ready to pre-pay FedEx overnight 
rates, let us know. This offer expires one week after we get the chiles 
in the GB cooler.



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