[Bach] Red Savinas: 10th Annual SF Bay Area Group Buy

Art Pierce pierces at cruzio.com
Mon Oct 3 11:37:54 PDT 2005

Hi All,

http://www.allenlee.com/hotshop/ <<<<<Order & pay here. If you have
any difficulty with this site, let Allen know!

http://tinyurl.com/a5w9m <<<<<Pick up Red Savina Habaneros here at 
Grey Bears cooler in Santa Cruz, CA.

After meeting varying amounts of forgetting or, perhaps, partial 
cooperation - I started on this in July - I just called Juan Cisneros at 
Better Produce and they have 600-800 lbs. of  #1, hard, red savinas in 
their (mosaic-free) fields at Maricopa, CA.

The habs will be in 5-lb. boxes I'm paying $10 for. For starts, I'm
going with my own money for 300 lbs. If we need more, you people will
have to act fast - see hotshop url above to order & pay.

The cost to you will be $15/5 lb. box. The dollar more a pound than we
pay the grower pays our expenses and what's left over goes to Grey
Bears, a 501(c)3 non-profit. (Regular orange habaneros are selling
for $8.99/lb. at our local Albertson's supermarket.)

If you're not in the Bay Area & are ready to pre-pay overnight shipping
rates, let us know. 

I am sending back all checks sent to me. 

People who mail me a check for some multiple of $15 and who don't also
send their (unlisted!) telephone numbers so they can let us know their
pick-up or shipping plans might just get their act a little more together.

Anybody who wants to get habs shipped to them must find out for
themselves their overnight shipping charges. For shipping you must
prepay online to one of these carriers: 

Then call me at
831.724.7204 (home) 
831.840.3537 (cell)
so we can work out the timing of the shipping. M=>Th is ok, but
overnight on Fridays through Sunday is a bad $$$$ idea.

Alternatively, you can call
Allen at
831.763.3273 (work)


Scott at
650.493.5110 (home), 650.387.5487 (cell).

This offer to allow you to make your own arrangements to ship expires
one week after we get the chiles into the GB cooler, which will
probably be Friday, Oct. 14 (or Oct 7). Allen Lee Pierce will arrange
for pickup from the grower's cooler in Santa Maria, CA and delivery to
the GB cooler; exactly when hasn't been finalized yet.

I am moving to Oroville, CA in early July, 2006 and my son & Scott
Ashkenaz will be handling our annual buys after that.



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