[Bach] 2003 Red Savina Buy is over

Art Pierce pierces at cruzio.com
Fri Oct 31 11:53:22 PST 2003

Hi all,

Any orders for the autumn of 2004 should be placed at any time at 
but please don't send your checks to me before mid-August, 2004.

Anyone who wants to arrange & pay shipping to anywhere next year, also 
let me know by email &/or by phone


World Variety Produce, Inc.'s Rosalina Ruiz & Jimmy Hernandez still have 
"tons" of red savinas RIGHT NOW.
If you act quickly, you can make your own arrangements with them at 

This (2003) year's total was 275 lbs. $252 was donated to the non-profit 
Grey Bears. For their tax deduction,
De Rose & Son Trucking, who transported the chiles at no cost, will 
receive the GB's receipt for the $252 .

Many thanks to this year's participants: Scott & Roswitha 
Remling-Ashkenaz and friends, Jack & Debi Curry,
Bill Gosper and friends, AllenLee Pierce and friends at Driscoll 
Strawberry Associates, Rob & Joni Rayment
and friends, Jon Zeigler & Susan Hunt, Dan Laybourn, Flash Gordon, Gabi 
& Albert and friends,
Richard Donnelly and Jose Casillas.

Art Pierce
714 Almond Drive
Watsonville, CA, 95076-3608
Phone: 1.831.724.7204.

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