[Bach] Red Savina Buy: Last Chance for 2003

Art Pierce pierces at cruzio.com
Sat Oct 11 22:31:05 PDT 2003

Hi ChileHeads (& future chileheads),

For anytime after this buy up to the 2004 buy and beyond, Allenlee 
Pierce, my son, set up a site Friday, 9/19/03 (with freeware) that will 
help keep track of your orders:
Bay Area Red Savinas by Art Pierce http://www.allenlee.com/hotshop/
You'll still need to mail me a check at my address below.


Warning: Jalapenos are about 5K-50K Scoville Units hot; red savinas are 
about 300K-500K S. U. hot.

The hot sensation will (start to) go away on its own in 10 to 30 
minutes, depending on your unique individualness. It takes about 3
months of daily chile eating to build up a decent tolerance to the 
capsaicins <= the hot of chiles. (Let your tolerance lapse and even
mild hot sauce will be "strike" you as mildly hot.)

Capsaicins are soluble in alcohol and lipids (oils or fats), but not 
water. So booze is sort of ok for pain relief, but milk, cheese
and cream have the requisite lipids AND also, their casein protein is 
attracted to the same pain receptors as the capsaicins. So after
the capsaicin is lifted off the pain receptors by dissolving into the 
lipids, the casein blocks some of the pain receptor sites so the
dissolved capsaicins cannot re-attack. (I prefer vanilla Haagen-Dazs.)

If any of you people at SGI, Inktomi, Raycer - or elsewhere - don't want 
to hear about these annual buys in the future,
let me know and I'll take you off this email list.

Better yet, if 2 or more at SGI - or elsewhere - do want red savinas, 
please get one person to handle it
& I'll get the red savinas to you through that person.


On a hard drive crash, I lost my lists of past red savina buyers in 
1998=>2001, so please forward this email or tell all your chilehead or 
chilehead friends about this annual red savina buy (especially those of 
us in Northern California).


The buy and pick-up:

5-lb. boxes at $15/box. They are charging me $10/5-lb. box. The $1/lb. 
difference will be for trucking expenses and the remainder will
go to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit: California Grey Bears. If you wish, 
they'll send you a form saying how much you gave to them - that
extra $1/lb. - for your IRS tax deduction. Coordinate through our office 
manager, Pat Brown. She's at 831.479.1055. California Grey
Bears is listed at Guidestar:

Let me know how many 5# boxes you want.

People who want less than 5 lbs. can get with friends and get a total of 
5 lbs together or contact Scott Ashkenaz or me and we'll try
to accommodate you: first come, first serve. Flash Gordon, you're 
already first - and only, so far - in this sub-5# group.

Send checks to me at:
Art Pierce
714 Almond Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076-3608

Time for pick-up will be set after all orders are in & paid for. It's 
beginning to look like pick up will be Sa/Su, 10/18 & 10/19,
but will back it off to Sa/Su, 10/25 & 10/26, if there's a flurry of 
last minute responses to this last email. If a weekend isn't
convenient for you, you can come to Grey Bears 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday 
through Friday, Lynn Francis, executive director will take
care of you.

Pick up will be at the middle cooler at California Grey Bears:
2710 Chanticleer Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA
Location Map:

People for whom Santa Cruz, CA is inconvenient or impossible: I can also 
Airborne Express (used to be least expensive - I don't know
if their prices went up along with their recent DHL merger) you 
overnight; you do the research and add that to the $15/box.


I am using the SpamArrest Challenge/Response email filtering software 
system, so if you respond by email, for the first time only: you'll have
to type in whatever the word is at their site in order to get your email 
address on the approved list (mass spammers who send out
2,500,000+ at a time don't have the time or software - yet - to overcome 
individual challenge/responses. And no C/R s/w I know of
automatically approves you as ok when I send email to you if you know of 
C/R s/w that does, please tell me about it. I'm at:
Art Pierce <pierces at cruzio.com> <mailto:pierces at cruzio.com> Or call me 
at: 831.724.7204. If I'm not home, leave your phone number on my 
answering machine.


The following people are already in on this year's buy.

Flash Gordon, MD, Thanks for your 1# order.

Dan Laybourn, Thanks for your 5# order.

Rob & Joni Rayment, Thanks for your 10# order.

Allenlee Pierce, Thanks for your 25# order.

Jack & Debi Curry (Prince of Wales Pub, San Mateo, CA), Thanks for your 
70# order.

Scott Ashkenaz (& Roswitha Remling), Thanks for your 100# order.
2135 Columbia St.
Palo Alto, CA 94306-1233
Try to make arrangements with Scott to pick up small orders & orders <5#
at his home, if you live near or north of Palo Alto.
Scott & Rosvitha have a website with travel & Hotluck pictures:

I'm getting 5#  for myself and one or two others unless I know ahead of 
time that there are a lot of <5# orders
that Scott can't accommodate; then I'll get more.

Running total: 216 lbs. so far.


Art Pierce
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