About the Armory Web Space

Page Owners

The web server at www.armory.com presents the web pages maintained by many users of deepthought.armory.com. For most web servers, including ours, if the part of a URL that comes after the hostname begins with a tilde (~), then the name after the tilde is the user name of the page owner. For example, in the URL http://www.armory.com/~someone/electron.html, the user name is someone. To reach the author of that page, you would mail someone@armory.com.

Browser Support

The top Armory web pages (those not maintained by users) are constructed so that they can be viewed with the largest possible variety of web browsers. HTML extensions that cause problems for some browsers have been avoided (you may notice the lack of glitz). Wherever possible, all important information is purely textual, so that users of text-only browsers (like Lynx) can view them. If you have problems viewing a web page here and it appears that the problem is an incompatibility with your browser, first check for whether it is a user-maintained page using the information above. If it is a user-maintained page, feel free to mail the owner and let them know that their pages were not accessible by you. If you have a problem with the non-user-maintained pages, mail webmaster. In both cases, be sure to give the full URL of the page(s) that you had problems with.

Why is it so slow?

It isn't usually, so you are probably seeing the effect of a burst of interest in some web page here. This web server is connected to the rest of the Internet through an itty bitty 1.1Mbps SDSL line (SDSL is expensive!) It's easily saturated by the flood of page hits that results from the posting of a link to an object here (especially a large image or some such) in a popular web forum. If you'd like to be able to access the pages here faster, feel free to send us a large donation :)
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