Bela is deepthought's godfather. He's been involved almost from the day deepthought was created, and through innumerable trials and travails since then. He lived here from 1990 through 1997, and more than one night was spent working 'til dawn dealing with catastrophic system crashes, patching together mangled filesystems, etc. He's delivered myriad patches created for this system, and keeps an eye on various security mailing lists and does his best to ensure that any holes he sees are immediately closed on deepthought. When I'm away and out of net-reach (for example, the week I spend at Burning Man each year), Bela assumes the role of root, carrying out the day-to-day maintenance. And in general, he provides me with a regular stream of advice concerning the upkeep of the operating system.

Any long-time readers of comp.unix.sco.misc will be feeling terrible pangs of envy at this point.