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I think my plan was supposed to be to accomplish a lot of things,
but somehow I keep winding up spending half the day sending mail
back and forth to my friends while eating large amounts of cookie
batter, candy, cake, pie, ice cream and spicy food, and washing it
down with even larger amounts of soda.  At least I don't get it all
over the keyboard!

Lavender, of some variety the name of which I forget.

Now why is it that whenever I get some kind of plant from a garden-
supply store and try to get it to live on my computer desk, a few
weeks after I get it I take a look and find it totally covered
with aphids!  I just got done picking a whole bunch of them off
and it's really disgusting!  Just what is the meaning of this?!?!?!

Never tried them, actually.

I do not yet have a dalmation plantation nor any other kind
to speak of.

Not from this one anyway.