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        In a world that's constantly plagued by disasters, I think that it
is important, however difficult it may sometimes seem, to keep
crossing that bridge of peace.  I believe that the main cause of problems
like war and racism etc, is people's inability to communicate and hence
to understand and respect each others cultures.  Turn on the television,
read the morning paper and you will be confronted with more death, and
hatred, more deterioration of the human race. All of this can paint a
very sad  and black picture of our future. When will it all end? I find
myself asking, where does it all begin? How can I get where I come from?
Sadly I don't know the answer to these questions but one  thing for sure
is we are at the dawning of a new spiritual age awareness and that
complacency is fast becoming a thing of the past.  All over the world
there are people asking why must I fear you because of the colour of your
skin and why can't I love unconditionally? So if ever you feel you can't
go on, rest assured that you are not alone and that fast changes are arriving
                                Love, life and eternal happiness