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To bring Moshiach.
Ok.  I used to say go see my web pages, but I was noticing
the dying out of finger files, and figured I'd best not contribute
to the loss.

Here's some thoughts from the other day instead.

Has anyone noticed that the thriving two way medium that 
was the internet has become yet another TV for the massess.
The gathering places of yesterday lay barren of words, like an 
empty square on an autumn day. 

My email box stands full of spam and mailing lists, but
of personal chats and long meandering discussions, it lies empty.

The small gathering of friends seems left behind in stat room days. 
I sit and type silently alone, to myself.  Sarcasm, bitterness and business
seem the order of the day.  Too busy catching up on the latest, and
flying to the next job to chat.  Maybe later.

My mailing lists pile up, too many words to filter. The overwhelm drownds
out my voice.  Too tired to write to say "Hi" I stare blankly at
the web page vainly clicking the mouse.

Welcome to the future.
Welcome to the masses.


An intellectual grave lies heaped upon the wire.
The common literary binding lies discarded as chaffe.  Dead and forgotten
braincells replaced by the latest shallow news.
The media seems to have lost its verve for well researched thoughtful
presentations.  No great scoops or intellectual integriy lies there.
And in response our own words have become shallow.  Our own arguments no deeper 
than this years duff.  

The mighty forest of minds lies felled.
The intricate network, the waterway, became weeds that choked and cut.
The laughter and exchange have become growls, bitterness and tears. 
A dark pallor lies on the earth.  It's source, our mind.  
It's left to the positive affirmations and the glee bunnies to see light
in this miasma. Who blocked the sun? Who blocked the minds?  It is only I.