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   Seeings how I just figured out how to put a plan in here I may as 
well say something.
   I'm five feet short have blue eyes ( how rare!! ;-) and brown curly
hair if it's in its natural form. I live at the armory along with spcecdt
(my boyfriend) filbo(my brother) zenomt, and kathyrin. And one other who
is moving out soon. BTW if you for some strange reason think it would be 
fun to live in the armory mail us every once in a while, people are always
moving out and it's frustrating to replace them. 
   I have this theory that I like to swim and bike but I never do it because
I like to do things with people and I haven't found others to drag me out
hint hint hint. I love to read and spend way too much good homework time 
reading trash like Piers Anthony. I hate to clean so I don't cook that much
(I have the nasty habit of using every dish in the house when I cook). 
   Oh and various other things that I'm not thinking of now.

   Looks like I have to change some stuff around here. Little bit of
an update. The armory now consists of: spcecdt (John), filbo (Bela), 
zenomt (Mike), zap (Ford), crisper (Dan), and pax (Irene... that's me still).
We seem to be pretty stable here so I guess you could ask, but it doesn't
look like anyone will be moving out anytime soon. 
   I still think I like to swim and bike, but never do them. I might need
a swimming lesson by the time I get back in the water :-)
   I sort of have a job now. I am a medical research assistant. Maybe one
of these weeks I'll even get paid! I am very close to having my AS in
electronics, and if all goes well, I will have my final project finshed
a month before it's due! Wheee. OK, enough for now. Maybe I'll touch
this file again in a few more years.