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How'd you like to be livin' In a town like this,
with everything a-rottin and a dyin', an' boarded-
up monsters crawlin' an' bleatin' an' barkin' an'
hoppin' around black cellers an' attics every way
ye turn? Hey? How'd you like to hear the howlin'
night after night from the churches an' Order o'
Dagon Hall, an' know what's doin' part o' the howlin'?
How'd ye like to hear what comes from that awful reef
every May-Eve an' Hallowmass? Hey?

You want to know what the real horror is? It
ain't what them fish devils has done, but what they're
a-goin' to do!"
--The mad, drunkin' nonogenerian, Zodak Allen from "Shadow
Over Innsmouth"