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October 25, 2006 11:40 am:
	My personal journal can be found at meico.livejournal.com.
	My personal website an be found at www.burningart.com/meico.



July 17, 2000 10:14 am:
	Well, it's been almost a year and while I'm very happy to have
been making oodles of money my creative coding urges have been sorely
ignored.  We have made progress on the engine we've been working on in the
background.  The engine now is fuly DirectX8 based and we are able to
properly open max files in the engine (all animation information is making
it in properly).  Much work still needs to be done before it can really be
considered more than an animation engine though.
	I've been doing a whole bunch of coding and research into genetic
algorithms.  This had led to me evolving various types of objects on my
computer- chairs, tables, etc.  I'm currently trying to find some good
CFD( Computational Fluid Dynamics ) code so that I can use the system to
evolve motorcycle and bicycle fairings.  I also ported to the code so that
it is now running on some very powerful mutliprocessor machines at
universities that a friend of mine has access to( legal access ).
	I'm curently working on finishing some giant mechanical
batwings that I have built and also finishing a secret project that may
have substantial monetary results for me( I let the cat a=out of the bag
next month sometime).

August 26, 1999 9:39 am:
	Yesterday the game division of the company got canned - I still
have a job, but everyone is now working on web developement.  Blech!!  We
will continue to work on the game in our spare time( Me, Matthew  
MacLaurin, and Mike Hertzberg).  We are considering porting the engine to
work with Crystal Space( http://crystal.linuxgames.com/ ) the GPLing it -
I like the idea, it would give Crystal space a serious leg up as we have a
fully functioning game engine with lots of special effects and an
excellent character animation system(IMHO).  The game was written in
fairly god C++ and is already highly portable, so it shouldn't be too much
of a project to get it working happily.
	In other news I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut
off, trying to get ready for BurningMan( http://www.burningman.com ).
I've been constructing many extraordinary devices for this year.  I have a
feeling that this will be the best year so far... ;)  BurningMan
officially starts next week even though there are already many people
already on the playa.  I will be heading out Thursday evening of next
week( and hopefully I'll be completely ready then).

August 13, 1999 1:13 am:
	Well, I guess that now is as good a time as any to start my .plan
	I've been working on several intersting game programming  projects
for my current employer MediaX ( www.mediax.com ), they include(all
already finished):
	a real time particle system for fire/ explosions/ smoke/ water/ etc.
	a real time facial animation and emotion system
	real time morphing
	real time "skinning", also known as bones
	a generalized inverse kinematics system
	a HUD user interface

	As I add more features to the game, or come up with new technologies or
ideas I will sporadically enter them here...

	That's all for now folks, so talk to ya later.