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Conquer the universe: or at least a small portion of it. ;-)
You've tapped into the secret files of Thomas Leavitt. Subject is
a confirmed net.addict, budding entreprenuer, and is majoring in
Comp. Sci. while living off a laundry room in Santa Cruz, CA.

Leavitt Publications On-Line Home Page:

AUTHOR: Thom's Guide to Purchasing a C O M P U T E R
--commonsense guide, covers basic components, defines jargon and
  provides guidelines for evaluating price/performance.
  DOS/Windows, Mac, Amiga, even Atari discussed.
  Only $4.00 prepaid, $4.70 billed. See address below.

EDITOR/PUBLISHER: Bleeding Edge - Journal of Alternative Computing
--zine featuring a diverse assortment of news and gossip about 
  leading edge technology on alternative platforms and oddball
  computing... from SCSI controllers for the TI/994a to parrallel
  processing for the Amiga. FTP ftp.armory.com:pub/user/leavitt/
  bleeding_edge.Z and bleeding_edge.html or lynx ftp://

Internet: leavitt@armory.com
Snail mail: P.O. Box 7095, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-7095
Voice mail: 408/425-3318

NEW: kurt.is.DEAD -- THE ZINE !)
--featuring articles by various net.people and the best of the immediate
  reaction to the suicide of Kurt Cobain, poet and singer. One shot, one
  issue only! Get it now! Rave review in the electronic edition of
  Factsheet Five. FTP ftp.armory.com:pub/user/leavitt/kurt.is.DEAD.Z or
  lynx ftp://ftp.armory.com/pub/user/leavitt/html/kurt.is.DEAD.html.

EVEN NEWER: The C&S Report
--keep up to date on the latest and greatest developments concerning
  everyones favorite Green Card Lawyers... ftp.armory.com:pub/user/leavitt/
  cands.report.Z or lynx ftp://ftp.armory.com/pub/user/leavitt/html/
  cands.report.html. Issue #2 out... /candsrpt.two.Z /candsrpt.two.html.

ALSO: Thom's Book Nook: featuring SF, computer, and academic books 
      and magazines.  Details available at the above ftp address.
      (under construction... more info soon).

AND: The On-Line Used Computer Hardware store... buy and sell (5%
     commission is all I ask) used computer equipment! Lining up
     sources for hardware right now! Mail me if you've got some you
     want to sell!