Login: hermit         			Name: William R. Ward
Directory: /u/hermit                	Shell: /bin/tcsh
Home Phone: 426-7267
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What, me?  Project?  HAa!
-- /u/hermit/.plan as of Apr 6, 1994 --
Revised yet again.  Still with Enigma, but no longer on the east side.
Also, the preferred email addresses are hermit@bayview.com and
enigma@bayview.com, respectively.  Paper mail is 1803 Mission St. #339,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060.  Finger hermit@ucscb.ucsc.edu for more info.

Old .plan files kept below for posterity.
-- /u/hermit/.plan as of Jun 24, 1992 --
Revised and updated.  I'm living with Enigma (Holly McGrath) in the east
side of Santa Cruz.  Our preferred mailing addresses are
hermit@thinkum.Santa-Cruz.CA.US and enigma@Netcom.COM, respectively.  For
a better finger file, finger hermit@ucscb.UCSC.EDU, if you have Internet
access.  Otherwise I guess you could mail me or something.

Mail to me at deeptht gets forwarded to thinkum, but unfortunately
there's a bug in my mail software that makes it a pain to reply to mail
that has been forwarded that way, so please mail "hermit@thinkum" (the
.Santa-Cruz.CA.US is optional from deeptht) instead of just mailing

My old .plan is kept below for historical value; it was written three
days before I met Holly...
-- /u/hermit/.plan as of Jul 04, 1991 --
Well, there's not much to say.

I live at the Armory, and log in from my room directly.
For mail, try hermit@thinkum, my home machine.  mail here goes there

for those of you who care, i have a 386 running dos in my room, and i
might write a bbs under windows that can be reached via deeptht.  but
that's not something to hold one's breath over.

if you have a ucscb account, finger me there, for better information.
if not, tough.  ;-)