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The Truth About *Wuthering Heights*

"For some reason this story is regarded as some great love 
story.  But the reality is... that Heathcliff and Catherine 
never belonged together.  They never should have *been* 
together.  Catherine was essentially a mess.  Heathcliff was 
basically a decent guy who... had a lot to learn about life 
and he was inherently better off without some whimpering, 
mentally unstable wet rag following him around.  The whole 
thing was wrong.  It never should have happened."

                                 -- Kevin Williamson


   "Do not get involved with Sendmail.  She is an exotic 
   lover, whispering delicious promises in your ear, flash-
   ing her dark eyes at you.  But she is insane and will 
   draw you down into her madness."   -- Andrew Molitar


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