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I graduated from UCLA in 1989.  For nearly two years after that I worked for
the Navy, managing communications satellites.  But ever has my desire to
work in SPACE has overruled practicality.  After that, I worked for NASA
Ames Research Center for 2 and a half years.  Both the Navy job and the
position working at NASA Ames put me in a position where I could acquire
as much knowledge of space science & space operations as possible, and get
paid money for it in the process.

Now I would prefer to be a graduate student in Astronomy.  I am enrolled in
SJSU's MS program in computational physics in the hope that once I get 
the MS, I can get into a decent astronomy graduate program.  Meanwhile,
ignoring practicality can only go so far.  I finally gave up and am working
for Apple, in the hopes that the increased salary can help pay off some
of the debt accrued by an overextended education.   At least now I can
afford the education... Apple benefits include paying for that...

You might wonder why I am so interested in this, or more likely, don't care
as you just fingered me to see if I was logged on...  or because my home
page at wonderland pointed you here    ;)

My *ultimate* goal is to utilize my knowledge and experience to hasten the 
*use* of space to

       a) provide totally renewable, non-polluting, non-toxic, and CHEAP
          energy to the world via powersats: 

		o   This can be done!  We have the technology.  The reason it
		    has yet to be done is partially economic, and partially
		    caused by a lack of motivation by the public.

		o   Once the imagination of the public has been captured, 
		    anything can be accomplished.  All it takes is one person.
		    Did *YOU* ever hear about nuclear winter before Carl 
		    Sagan championed the cause?

       b) promote human colonization of space (co-operative space stations).

		o   Of course to support such important and complex satellites
		    on-orbit there must be a continuous human presence.  Since
		    powersats are in Clarke orbit this will require 
		    *colonization* that relies on very sparse ground support
		    for supplies.

		o   There is no way that these colonies can be part of any
		    sovereign nation on the ground.  That would make them
		    instant military targets, and besides, I doubt any nation
		    wants their power supply to be controlled by a foreign
		    power.  The space stations must be run as independent
		    co-operatives answerable to no single government and
		    defended jointly by the collective nations of the world.

Now I think that if a determined group of folks were to get together and push
this, that it would happen.  What do you think?

I can be emailed at