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  Howdy, I'm Carnivore.


  Eating!  I love eating.  A few of my favorites:

     Cheese fondue.
     Fillet Mignon.
     Linguini with smoked mussels, olive oil, and garlic.
     Spanish omlettes.
     Cheeseburgers with bacon, fried onions, and a fried egg.
     French onion soup.
     Linguini with pesto.
     Chile rellenos.
     Beef Wellington.
     Sausage Lyon.

  I like strong coffee, iced tea, beer, hard cider, sake and dry red wines.

  I read a lot.  I like paperback science fiction, and the authors I
usually read are Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, David Drake, Janet Morris,
Robert Heinlein and a few others.  I won't read anything Arthur C. Clarke
writes, as I don't want a homosexual pederast earning royalty money off
any book I buy.  When I'm not reading science fiction, I like reading
about history, especially military history. 

  I like shooting, and I have been collecting firearms for  the last nine
years.  I prefer high-powered rifles, especially the big, heavy military
semi-automatics of World War Two and just afterward.  In this group alone,
my collection includes:

One M-1 Carbine (.30" carbine cal.), Winchester production, 1944.
One M-14 (7.62mm NATO cal.), Springfield Armory, 1994.
Two G-43s (8mm X 57 Mauser cal.), Walther, 1943 (with machined bolt carrier
     and receiver, not the investment castings used later,) and 1944 (a
     Czech army postwar rework.)
Two FN-1949s.  Both were made at Herstal, in Belgium, one for the Egyptian
     Army in 8mm X 57 Mauser cal.; the other for the Argentine Navy in
     7.62mm NATO cal.) 
One FN-FAL (7.62mm NATO cal.)  This one is an Austrian StG-58 parts set
     on a Brazilian "Imbel" receiver.
One "Hakim" (8mm X 57 Mauser cal.)  Egyptian-made copy of the Swedish
     AG-42 rifle.
Three Tokarev SVT-40s (7.62mm X 54R.)  Two of these Russian-made rifles are
One MAS-49 (7.5mm X 54 French.)  Made at St. Etienne.
One MAS-49/56 (7.5mm X 54 French.)  Made at St. Etienne.
One VZ-52 (7.62mm X 45 Czech.)
One VZ-52/57 (7.62mm X 39 Warsaw Pact cal.)
Two SKSs (7.62mm X 39 Warsaw Pact cal.)  One Chinese-made with fiberglass
     stock and blade bayonet, the other Russian-made, with laminated wooden
     stock and blade bayonet.
One AK-47 (7.62mm X 39 Warsaw Pact cal.)  Chinese-made at NORINCO, with
     under-folding skeleton stock and wooden forend and pistol grip.
Two AKMs (7.62mm X 39 Warsaw Pact cal.)  Chinese-made, one with Russian
     laminated wood furniture and plastic pistol grip, the other with
     East German side-folding steel stock, laminated wood foreend and
     plastic pistol grip.
Two AKMs (5.56mm NATO cal.)  Chinese-made at NORINCO, one with Russian
     laminated wood furniture and plastic pistol grip, the other with 
     East-German side-folding steel stock, laminated wood forend and
     plastic pistol grip.
One "Rashid" (7.62mm X 39 Warsaw Pact cal.)  Egyptian.  A sort of cross
     between a Hakim's operating system and an SKS's size and chambering.


  Third World invaders who "immigrate" to (colonize) developed nations.
One day in the not-too distant future, the twenty-teens I expect, we will
kill them all.  If they were capable of anything other than turning the
USA, Australia and Western Europe into festering shitholes of crime,
corruption and poverty, their own countries would allready be developed.
Is killing them moral?  Certainly.  Survival is always moral, and the
survival of Western Civilization is at stake here.  The cost will be
enormous, both in human and financial terms, but we will rebuild.  We
will always retain the capability to rebuild after a shattering civil war
unless and until we become like the Third Worlders themselves.   

  People who drive too fucking slow on the highways, but won't let me pass.

  Pigeons.  They're fucking dirty, gray skyrats.  I've killed 90 of them
since I started counting, mostly by trapping them in a rat trap and
disembowelling them with firecrackers pushed up their asses.

  Niggers.  Shit-colored, ground-dwelling pigeons.  Marginally smarter than
a dog, the typical nigger can be taught a few amusing tricks:  Rape,
armed robbery, arson, and murder are among the most easily-learned.  In his
natural environment, the adult nigger exhibits a low, animal cunning, but
displays little actual sentience, perhaps out of fear that it will be put
to work.

  Politically-correct leftists who believe someone who doesn't agree
with everything they have ever said or thought in their entire life is 
either stupid, or evil, or both.